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Welcome To Sydney Value Guide Welcome to Sydney Value Guide where you’ll find the best value in everything Sydney has to offer - value for your heart, value for your soul and value for your pocket book! Sydney is our community. We have a cherished and well preserved history, a dynamic and powerful present and a future that can and will influence the rest of the world. Value is what we come together in the Sydney Value Guide community to share. Value may mean a beautiful meal, a flawless diamond, a breath of fresh air or a smile of thanks for a coin in a needy hand. Whatever your wants and aspirations, Sydney Value Guide is the place where you will find someone to guide you to it. Sydney Value Guide is dedicated, in particular, to the success of small business and promoting small businesses to those who would gain value from them. If you are starting a business or your business is struggling or you’re an inventor or in the arts or a charity or sporting group etc you can advertise in the Sydney Value Guide for $0 per day All other businesses pay a nominal fee. Please read on to check our advertising rates and categories.
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A mega mall for everyone! Sydney for everyone Every single day we have new merchants that join Sydney Value Guide, proud of their products & services and eager to prove that they offer real value. Every single day we find new friends, both from Sydney and around the world, eager to try those products and services and to take advantage of all the great opportunities on offer. In Sydney Value Guide you’ll find great prices and super specials and you’ll find that our merchants offer superb quality and exceptional service. Whatever your needs and wants are, there will be something in Sydney Value Guide that suits you. From trades and services to accommodation and food and just about anything else. Sydney for tourists It’s not only shopping value that’s on offer in Sydney Value Guide. We’ll find walks and adventures and sightseeing and trips you can experience on your own or with your family. Most of these can be done on a tight budget. And we’ll show you how to get to, from and around Sydney with our handy transport planners so you’ll never be left stranded. We hope you become one of our friends and we’ll do everything in our power to advise you correctly and give you VALUE in everything you do, buy, see and experience in the great city of Sydney. And most of all, we promise that . . . Sydney Value Guide will give you TRUE VALUE in Sydney!  Sydney Value Guide will show you cafes and restaurants where you can get a great meal for under $10 or, if you prefer, we’ll take you to eating houses that give you superb value for money with top shelf menus for under $20, under $50 and under $100. Sydney Value Guide will show you how to cruise Sydney Harbour for as little as $10 if you’re on a really tight budget. Or we can show you how to take the whole family on a fabulous day cruising Sydney Harbour with a picnic on Sydney’s world famous Cockatoo Island for under $100. Or how about a really special supper cruise for around $30 and a dinner cruise for around $50 with a glass of wine thrown in. In Sydney Value Guide you can book theatre seats, movie tickets, meals, accommodation, games, hire cars and much much more. AND when you have to leave, you can book your travel at the best possible prices through Sydney Value Guide. Then you can save enough so you can book your travel to return to Sydney at the best possible price.
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